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first argument to send_search_entry?

I note from HEAD code that send_search_entry() is given "&backends[0]"
as first argument when returning the rootDSE ("") or the "cn=subschema" 
entries; is there any good reason for that?  Such argument is required
by access_allowed(), which on turn sets it again to "&backends[0]" in
case it is null, and by backend_operational(), which did not require it
until I implemented the per-backend on-the-fly operational attributes.

I noticed this fact because the rootDSE was erroneously returning 
the hasSubordinates attribute, since in my config file the only backend 
was a back-ldbm.  If I pass send_search_entry() a NULL first argument
it still behaves a s expected (with the side effect of using the first
backend ACLs ...i as it used to before).  Any problem if I change this?