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Re: anonymous and aci in attribute

At 01:02 AM 2001-12-20, Norbert =?iso-8859-2?Q?Pabi=B6?= wrote:
>I write to this list because I could not get help on general list for

Given that you actually discuss development of OpenLDAP, you are on

I vaguely recall a discussion regarding anonymous subjects in
ACIs.  In looking through the archives, I found:
  (I note there was a patch provided, but it was apparently never
  properly submitted and hence should not be used as a basis for further
  work.  I suggest any patch to be submitted be coded from scratch.)

Anyways, as the direction is to do what is "generally useful" and
to diverge from IETF LDAPext drafts (which are now dead), I see no
reason why such changes couldn't be made.