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RE: Thinking about operational attribute numSubordinates...

It's an interesting idea. There was a patch for this in the 1.x source, a
long time ago, but it broke (neglect and victim of progress) and was never
fixed up. I think there was also some ambiguity about whether it should
report just the immediate children, or the entire subtree count.

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> Subject: Thinking about operational attribute numSubordinates...
> HI!
> In some cases it would be very handy if an application could
> determine whether a LDAP entry is a leaf-node or not (e.g. when
> displaying a search tree or doing recursive deletes). Most times
> this is done by the application with issuing another one-level
> search which unfortunately causes extra load on the server.
> The Netscape/iPlanet Directory server is maintaining an operational
> attribute numSubordinates which holds an integer with the number of
> entries in the sub-tree. It would be very handy if OpenLDAP would
> also implement such an attribute.
> Comments?
> Ciao, Michael.