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ldapsearch binary attributes, temp files

Something broke recently in the configuration of what function is used to
generate temp file names. I vaguely recall a discussion here a while back on
the subject, but trawling through my memory and the mailing list archive
didn't turn up anything useful.

The current ldapsearch.c uses mkstemp to create the pathname of the temp
files it uses to store binary attributes. In liblutil there is a stub for
mkstemp that simply returns -1, surrounded by #ifndef HAVE_MKSTEMP. There is
no test for mkstemp in configure, and no HAVE_MKSTEMP macro in
portable.h.in, so we are getting this bogus definition of mkstemp compiled
and linked.

It's not too clear what we really want here, as there are at least 5
variations of mktemp/tmpnam/tmpfile etc. to choose from on common Unix
platforms. I note that clients/mail500 and maildap both use tmpfile() in
their main.c while clients/ud/edit.c and clients/tools/ldapsearch.c both use
mkstemp (and both are broken now). The old code in ldapsearch.c used mktemp
in rev 1.104, and was changed to mkstemp in 1.105 on June 28. Anyone recall
the reason for this change?

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