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closing leaks

My last couple of patches close some more benign memory leaks in slapd.
(Benign because they're all static, they never grew over the life of the
process.) The leak count dropped from 100K down to under 3K, with only 54
bytes of that remaining in OpenLDAP code. (lutil_set_debug_level; it seems
not worthwhile to touch this until the transition to NEW_LOGGING is done.)

Of the rest, 124 bytes are due to bugs/leaks in Cyrus SASL 1.5.24, 71 bytes
are leaked from OpenSSL 0.9.6, about 192 bytes are leaked from libdl, about
1K is due to glibc2.0.7's tzfile_read, and the remainder is from

I suppose at some point I will have to bring my system libraries up to date.
Is anyone else out there with glibc still using glibc 2.0 as opposed to 2.1
or 2.2?

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