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win2k service issues

I have been able to successfully build OpenLDAP 2.0.18 on Win2k, but am
having some troubles with the way that it installs itself as a service. 
I know my way around a UNIX box (admin and programming) quite well, but
am rather new to Windows administration and programming.

When I run "slapd.exe install", it installs itself as a service
properly.  I can start it with `net start "openldap directory service"',
and can stop it in a similar mannner.  I am having troubles, however
with making it start automatically on reboot.  From reading the source
code (nt_svc.c) it looks as though I should be able do do something

    slapd install openldap openldap auto

Unfortunately, after installing the service in that manner, I cannot
start it.  I get:

    C:\some long path\> net start openldap
    The service is not responding to the control function.
    More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 2186.

Where should I start looking for the reason that it will not start?

Also, when installing the openldap service, I would like to be able to
be able to tell it to use a specific config file, url, etc.  When I take
a look at the registry entries that Apache creates, I see
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\Apache\Parameters.  If
I wanted to modify slapd to be able to define parameters when run as a
service, should that be done with ChangeServiceConfig(),
ChangeServiceConfig2(), or with RegCreateKey()?

And one last question... would there be opposition to making install
take standard command line arguments rather than relying on positional
parameters?  I was thinking of something along the lines of:

slapd install [-s serviceName] [-d displayName] [-a <auto|manual>]
	[-f executableFile] [-p "service parameters"]