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Re: back-monitor problems


Thanks for the reply.  Since I posted, I've discovered I need the -x option
when using ldapsearch.  Then I can read the cn=monitor branch.  Now it seems
I'll just have to code up the currentTime attribute, which is all I need
from cn=monitor.



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Subject: Re: back-monitor problems

> Consider that it is VERY experimental; it works fine with me since I first
> committed it, and (I know) it is of little use because it contains very
> plain info at present.  I never had significant feedback and short of time
> to develop it.  Can you give more specific clues?  If I remeber correctly,
> you need to specify a "database monitor" somewhere in the slapd.conf
> (the ordering doesn't matter) to enable monitoring.
> One of the features I'd like to add is the write permission to a log
> subentry, to allow dynamic change of the log level.
> Pierangelo.