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Re: commit: ldap/libraries/libldap getdn.c

At 10:11 AM 2001-12-04, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>Now another migration problem arises.  The normalization
>function at present does not uppercase the DN, so all the code 
>that uses strcmp (a lot!) when comparing normalized DNs is broken.
>There are two solutions: 
>a) tweak the new dn_normalize to make it uppercase the resulting 
>string (already tried, works fine)
>b) add a dn_match wrapper that calls dnMatch (which on turn uses
>strcasecmp as a temporary hack), and replace all the strcmp around
>the code (I started doing this, but it's kinda a nightmare; if 
>we're not going to use dnMatch all around the code, relying on 
>appropriate uniform normalization, I'd prefer solution a).

I concur.  Going to b) is a waste of time.  We should as little
as possible (e.g.: a) to make dn_validate/dn_normalize work as
an interim solution until we have time implement the desired