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Re: Netscape SLAPI -- IBM contribution to OpenLDAP


At this point, the only supported APIs, are those that I listed in
design document.

Steve Omrani
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Steve Omrani wrote:
 > All,
 > IBM has implemented the Netscape Directory Server Plug-in API, for
 > its own Directory Server implementation over three years ago. IBM
 > would like to contribute this implementation to the OpenLDAP.
 > I am the coordinator and full time senior software developer assigned
 > to this task. I have authored the attach design document stating the
 > characteristics of this implementation and the required steps to
 > integrate the package, seamlessly with the OpenLDAP.
 > We welcome any comments and feedbacks.

I think this would be an excellent contribution to OpenLDAP! It would
be a significant enabler to deploying OpenLDAP more widely in
enterprise IT.

One question -- does this implementation include the certificate
mapping API capabilities that Netscape also provides, or would that
need to be implemented separately? One of the things holding us back
from using OpenLDAP more broadly is the current lack of ability to map
an SSL client certificate to a DN in the directory, and use that DN in
ACIs, etc.


Kartik Subbarao
Enterprise Directories Architect