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RE: indexing objectclass: why?

On Thu, 29 Nov 2001, Howard Chu wrote:

> I noticed this in the back-bdb code, didn't realize it was also in
> back-ldbm. In back-bdb I've optimized this a bit by scanning the user filter
> in advance, looking for any instances of objectClass in the filter (besides
> objectClass present). If none are found, the alias and referral filters are
> omitted. I think this change should probably go into back-ldbm as well.
> On a side note, I actually created a presence index for objectClass, which
> turned out to be a silly thing to do. Creating such huge ID lists makes the
> objectClass index database very inefficient. The backend probably ought to
> silently ignore if this appears in a .conf file, and just implicitly return
> a match on the entire database for this filter.

Currently if schema checking is disabled it is possible to insert entries 
that do not have objectClasses defined.  Therefore a search on 
(objectClass=*) will not return all entries.  Hard-coding the presence 
filter would fix this behavior.

- Christoph