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Re: how to add chinese to openldap?

I use OpenLDAP in GB environment. The hassal is that the LDAP server only suport UTF8, you have to do manual conversion Big5 <->UTF8 in your application. Many commercial LDAP server, such as netscape/iPlant and IBM LDAP servers,  have  extension to do local language conversion, especially for Chinese because of the customer base. Although OpenLDAP has no such extensions so far, it should not be very difficult to do the conversion in LINUX environment, using the iconv library, it is just a maintaince hassel.  In my case, I use python to do a lot of programming, so I modified the python-ldap to do the conversions at programming language level, not at application level, and saved a lot headache.



On Thu, 22 Nov 2001 22:02:26  
 Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>See the archives of the software list.  Search for "UTF-8".
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>At 05:28 PM 2001-11-22, =?gb2312?B?amFtZW5nLmppbiC98I9Wsqg=?= wrote:
>>now i am using openldap-2.0.18 
>>using slapadd to add the attribute 
>>using slapsearch and other mail client (such as outlook express and mozilla
>>)to search the attribute
>> i want to know how to change the code of openldap to realize the
>>following function
>>1. add chinese attribute to the openldap server
>>2. can search with chinese at the client 
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