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Re: Limits on anonymous binds

> > limits dn.exact=anonymous <limit>
> >
> >   -or-
> >
> > limits dn.anonymous  <limit>

> The proposed change would alter what is the usual behavior, in
> that default limits would apply to everybody not explicitly
> limited, except for anonymous.
> What should happen if no anonymous limits are set? use default?

The proposed change wouldn't affect existing installations. You would have
to add in a  "limits dn.anonymous" directive to your slapd.conf to get
anonymous binds to be limited differently than default limits. It is that
way now with non-anon binds: they get set to default unless you add a
"limits dn.[exact|regex]" directive.   I'd list this proposal under "new
feature which people can turn on with slapd.conf"

If no anon limits are set, the defaults apply, just like with exact and
regex limits.

-Mark Adamson
 Carnegie Mellon