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Re: ChangeLogEntry and openLdap

Once we get the slapi API going, we could port the IBM implementation
of ChnageLog.

Steve Omrani

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At 10:08 AM 2001-11-12, Mikael Grehn wrote:
>I would like to use/implement the changeLog support for
>replication between a LDAP Server and Client (or another
>Server) in openLdap. This mechanism/support was described in
>(an very old) draft , namely
>"draft-ietf-asid-changelog-00.txt" by Gordon Good, Netscape
>Communications 25 Nov. 1996 .

Changelog is not implemented in OpenLDAP.  You are welcomed to
implement it, but I'd suggest you consider implementing LCUP

If you do implement changelog, be sure to use the latest
changelog I-D <draft-good-ldap-changelog-02.txt> as a basis.

Both changelog and LCUP would require significant work (which
is why they haven't been implemented).