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ChangeLogEntry and openLdap

not sure wheather I should post this question to the software
of devel mailing list.
I appologize if I choosed the wrong forum. In that case please
guide me to the correct one.

I would like to use/implement the changeLog support for
replication between a LDAP Server and Client (or another
Server) in openLdap. This mechanism/support was described in
(an very old) draft , namely
"draft-ietf-asid-changelog-00.txt" by Gordon Good, Netscape
Communications 25 Nov. 1996 .

I checked some archived posts about this and I get the
impression that this support was never implemented in
openLdap...but I'm not sure. (f.e.

Is changeLog support implemented in openLdap?
    if not...would it be quite simple to hack this support
into openLdap?
    if changeLog is already implemented...how can I activate
it?...and how are the changes stored...in LDIF files?

Greatful for any answers/comments.