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	In back-bdb/search.c:search_candidates(...)

there are some lines like this
        	rc = bdb_filter_candidates( be, &f, ids );
        	BDB_IDL_ID( bdb, ids, e->e_id );
       		rc = 0;

But nowhere in this BDB_FILTER_INDICES defined (not in any makefile as
compiler switch or in any header/c file; in fact in back-bdb.h there is
/* #define BDB_FILTER_INDICES 1 */
so we feel that BDB_FILTER_INDICES is obsolete now)

So am i right; if not then how should we compile to enable
BDB_FILTER_INDICES ? Or is it that it was previously used and WILL NOT be
used anymore ?

Debajyoti, Arindam