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openldap and network connection

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I deeply apologize, if I'm sending this email to the wrong list. If 
someone can direct me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it.

I'm trying to develop a ldap client for KDE (http://www.kde.org) with 
which we could add much needed LDAP support for all kind of purposes. 
But I have a problem.

To effectively integrate ldap client in existing architecture, I'd need 
to handle TCP socket myself. But if I'm reading openldap library 
sources correctly, OpenLDAP takes care of that. Is there a way that I 
could use OpenLDAP for "speaking the protocol" without using its 
network facilities (of which I could take care on my own)?

If I'm not mistaken ldap_int_open_connection, which is used fairly deep 
in ldap_bind calls, decides between TCP and Unix socket based on URL 
(ldap for TCP and ldapi for Unix). Is that right? Since it's not a 
documented function, can it be relied on that it will stay there and 
work in this way in the future?

What I'd really prefer is to separate LDAP protocol from network, if 
this is at all possible. I'd like to take care on my own for moving the 
packets, making authentication and things like that and use OpenLDAP 
when it comes to interpreting the content of those packets.

Is there a better way than to lie to OpenLDAP about form or URL used, 
piping traffic between Unix socket and TCP one and hoping that this 
fragile and ugly looking thing would work?

I'd really appreciate any help, corrections of my misconceptions, 
suggestions etc. It's pretty obvious I'm not very familiar with LDAP so 
I deeply apologize for blunders I made.

Thank you for your time. Take care,

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