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Re: DNs (Was: namedref updates)

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
> But the presence of an escape does not necessarily
> mean the value needs to be escaped.  That is, the
> fact that a dnstr <CN=\5A> was escaped does not
> imply that string representation of ava_value
> (0x5A) needs to be escaped or cannot be represented
> in the desired format.

I agree; actually, when unescaping stuff like '\5A'
I'm turning it into its byte representation, namely 'Z',
so the string becomes printable. I think this is the 
one of the aims of parsing; in fact (at least this is 
what I infer from RFC's) a dn


is equivalent to


so they MUST have the same structural representation, 
right? Starting from this assumption, I can decide at
__parse__ time what formats in dn2str will be available.


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