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Re: ldap_str2dn etc.

> Hi Pierangelo,
> I have the DCE directory documentation on CD -- it's about
> 1000 pages but it would certainly specify the syntax of
> DCE DNs. I will try and dig out the relevant information.

That would be very kind; in my workplace we do not have any 
of these stuff because they're not key to our work; moreover,
I guess they won't be key even to OpenLDAP, but only a plus
(at least right now).  So do not spend too much time on that :)

> I am wondering whether OpenLDAP should provide API based
> on the LDAPDN/LDAPRDN types for common operations such
> as composing a new DN for an add operation.
> On one hand, I like the idea of an opaque "name" type,
> on the other hand, it seems a little contrary to the
> spirit of LDAP to become more like X.500 :-) 

AFAIK, this should be mainly used on the server side to ease 
a) normalization, and b) dn splitting for rdn handling and so.
I think a client should go as usual with the string representation,
with the server taking care of normalizing stuff to deal with all 
the equivalent representations of a unique DN.

Of course this API might be available on the client side for
special purposes and so. Sure a client will not have to expect 
its string representation of the DN be preserved by the server.