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Re: ldap_str2dn etc.

>>e) I guess multi-AVA RDNs are allowed in DCE, right?
>I assume so.

It appears that each AVA is separated by a comma, though,
not a + sign (confusing, eh).


(IBM) The DCE 1.0 X.500 implementation supports only RDN's (Relative Distinguished Names) consisting of a single AVA (attribute value assertion) i.e., directory entries with a single distinguished value although the ISO/CCITT standards allow RDN's with multiple AVA's (e.g., <OU=Sales,L=Ipswich> as the RDN of an entry). Some administrations may require using systems to support this in order to interoperate and may stipulate this for conformance testing purposes. This item proposes upgrading the GDS component to support RDN's with multiple AVA's to maximize interoperability with other X.500 implementations. 

-- Luke

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