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gb2312->utf8 in ldif

Hi all,

I have created a ldif file with one entry that has base64 encoded utf8 string:

 destinationIndicator:: 5Lq6

 The 5Lq6 came from gb2312 string ? converted to utf-8 and then base64 encoded.  I alway get the error when using ldapadd

 ldap_add: Invalid syntax
     additional info: destinationIndicator: value #0 invalid per syntax

I tried 

destinationIndicator;lang-zh:: 5Lq6

with the same result.  However, if I use 

destinationIndicator:: c2VjcmV0

where c2VjcmV0 is the ascii string "secret" converted to utf-8  and then base64 encoded, everything worked fine.   Is it because openldap somehow doesn't like the Chinese encoding? or because I did something wrong?

Thanks for any pointer. I am desperately needing to figure this out

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