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At 03:28 PM 2001-09-27, Howard Chu wrote:
>For various reasons, I found that I needed support for Connectionless LDAP.
>I have just committed code to HEAD for this purpose. So far I've only tested
>it using ldapsearch on the root DSE. If this is of interest to you, please
>test and let me know of any problems you find. Thanks.
>Note - the code does very little checking; slapd barely knows that it's not
>dealing with a regular TCP session. As such, it will happily send back
>and referrals and such that the RFC never allowed, as long as they fit into
>a single packet. Whether this is a problem or not really isn't clear to

Force the version number to LDAP_VERSION2.  CLDAP is v2 only
(which is problematic, of course, but that's another thread).