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Two questions

I have some problem with my LDAP Server (with my own built-in

1. When trying to get the rootDSE using Netscape SDK 4.0 LDAP
API my LDAP Server hangs up using 100% CPU. I am using
openLDAP2.0.9 (will upgrade when I get the time). What could
be the cause of this?...and is this fixed in later versions of
openLdap?...or could I fix it myself?

2. I include some attributes called creatorsName,
createTimestamp, modifiersName and modifyTimestamp when
returning an Entry but they never appear in my LDAP klient. I
have written my own LDAP client based on the same Netscape 4.0
SDK LDAP support and it receives every(?) attribute sent by
the openLdap server.
This might mean that the LDAP Server automatically removes
these attributes before sending result entry. The question is:
why are these attributes removed? Could it be that I havent
includes the corresponding objectclasses for these
attributes(what is the objectclass(es))?...or could it be that
these attributes cannot be included by the backend?

Greatful for any answers or comments.