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Re: FW: profiling

> Getting a decent profile is somewhat tricky. I think you can only get
> a usable profile from a non-threaded binary, statically linked. Also,
> you must force the slapd to run in a single process, without going
> into the background, otherwise the monitor snapshots are garbled by
> the forked process.

I cannot say that I have any infrastructure to do this myself, but under
HP-UX at least, we have an unsupported profiling tool that should be
released "RSN" called prospect that would be able to get a profile of a
non-stripped, threaded binary.

So, if there is a pre-canned measurement "thingie/benchmary" to drive
the server, and someone can procure a binary, it would be possible to
get a profile under HP-UX at least. I can throw a couple cycles at
trying to run such a thing, but I cannot throw many at getting binaries
and benchmarks made and the like.

I should think that there are profiling tools on other platforms that
should be able to do as well. Much as I would like it to be the case, I
cannot imagine that HP is alone in this regard.

rick jones
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