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Re: ExtensibleMatch

At 11:16 AM 2001-09-13, Steve Omrani wrote:
>There seems to be a major difference between 2251 and 2254
>when the matching rule is absent.
>Section 4.5.1 of 2251 states; "if the matching rule is absent, the
>type field must be present, and the equality match is preformed
>for that type".  However, from 2251 (again) , type, is an

This basically says:
is functionally the same as:

>On the other hand from 2254, production rule "extensible", if the
>options [:dn] and [":" matchingrule] are left out, we get
>     attr := assetionvalue
>2251 makes no mention of assertionvalue in this regard.

Well, it's implicit in 'the equality match is preformed'.  An
equality match requires an assertion value and there is the
obvious assumption that the matchValue field provides the
assertion value.

If that needs to be clearer, I suggest posting a note to the
IETF LDAPbis WG mailing list <ietf-ldapbis@openldap.org>.