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Re: subschema entries

Thanks. A little test shows the both attrs/values  are returned it they are
requested for by name.

Steve Omrani

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                    08/30/01 01:04                                                                        
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At 10:29 AM 2001-08-30, Steve Omrani wrote:
>Per 2251 (one of a few places where the RFC is very specific),
>attributeTypes and objectClasses attributes MUST be present
>in all subschema entries. OpenLDAP does not support this
>requirement. Is this a defect?

RFC 2251, 4.5.1:
     Furthermore, servers will not return operational attributes, such
     as objectClasses or attributeTypes, unless they are listed by name,
     since there may be extremely large number of values for certain
     operational attributes. (A list of operational attributes for use
     in LDAP is given in [5].)