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Re: RUN slapd == Segmentation fault !!!! NEED HELP

At 11:34 PM 8/22/2001, Volkov Serge wrote:
>SORRY for posting to this LIST? but I can't find any help in other.

PLEASE be patience.  The original list you posted on, I assume
Software or Bugs, is far more appropriate for discussing such
problems.  If after a reasonable amount of time (a few days),
no response is given.  Posting to the appropriate list a
restatement of the problem with additional information may be

You might also check out the ITS system and list archives
as generally such problems have been previously reported
and discussed.

This list is for discussing the development of OpenLDAP.
While discussing the development of source code change to
resolve such a problem would obviously be on-topic, providing
help to those faced with the problem isn't.