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Re: OpenLDAP support for replication ???

At 02:45 AM 8/3/2001, Jennifer Nguyen wrote:
>With the current OpenLDAP release (release 2.0.11), it
>has the ability to replicate from one master(master
>slapd/slurp) to multiple slaves (slave slapd).
>what happens if master slapd goes down or how do we
>handle the loads if there are multiple concurrent
>updates that are supported by one master. Please
>advice how to make the system more fault-tolerance ?

Please direct software use questions to the openldap
software mailing list.  http://www.openldap.org/lists/

>Also I just wondering if anyone have made any code
>changes to allow the master slapd to write straight to
>the Oracle database, I am trying to design the system
>such that we only have one master (Oracle) and
>multiple copies (LDAP backend database)..

See back-sql... and the archives of the software list.

>Thanks so much for any advices on this...
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