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How do you access ld_errno? According to RFC1823 and ldap_open(3) I should
be able to access ld_errno within the LDAP structure, e.g.

LDAP *ld = ldap_open(.....);

printf ("%d\n",ld->ld_errno);

However, this will fail with 'dereferencing pointer to incomplete type'. I
looked through /usr/include/ldap.h and noticed that LDAP is defined as follows

typedef struct ldap LDAP;

and struct ldap is missing which explains the error. The problem is I need
ld_errno for certain cases, e.g.

entry = ldap_next_entry (ldap,entry)

if entry == NULL, it could be there is simply no more entries in the list or
that some error occurred and the only way I can check whether it's an error
or not is by using ld_errno.

So the question is how do I do it? If I can't then how am I supposed to
check for an error in above case?



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