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Re: DN handling

> I'd like to see a couple of routines added to the C API
> which can then be used to re-implement slapd DN routines.
> This would be a good project for someone with a few spare
> cycles.

Talking about DN software representation, I had less ambitious ideas;
I was thinking of some rewriting of all the internals of slapd that use
a normalized dn to have it passed as a dedicated type instead of char *,
to avoid some unnecessary re-normalization that might occur every now 
and then. In this case, if we keep up with the string form of the normalized
dn (in presence of a unique normalization procedure this should be the
most performing solution), it would be easy to 

typedef char * NormalizedDn;


typedef struct berval * NormalizedDn;

and let the compiler complain on non-explicit casts.

It's going to be a long and painful rewriting, though, and I'm not sure
it is worth.