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At 09:35 AM 7/19/2001, jukka.aakula@nokia.com wrote:
>There was some discussion at the OpenLDAP mailing list on 
>implementing LCUP for OpenLDAP at the beginning of the year.
>I do not have any experience on implementing things in OpenLDAP - 
>I subscribed this devel list just today.
>But I wonder:
>        Has anybody any idea how big effort the implementation may be ?

Unfornately, I have had time to read an LCUP I-D for a long time and
my memory is a bit fogged on the specifics.  But, IIRC, I don't think
it would be too hard to implement.  Hopefully I find time to read it
again before IETF#51.

>        Has anybody any plans to do the implementation ?

At present, nobody I know of is actively working on LCUP.

>        Is the draft mature enough so it would be worthwhile implementing it?

I believe so.