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rework objs in slapd/tools (was: Problem when using ldap_rename_s (ITS#1184))

> At 03:34 AM 7/6/2001, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> >I committed a couple of patches that make back-ldbm honor '+' 
> >concatenated attrs in adding/deleting attrs when modifying the 
> >rdn. It needs -DMULTIATTRVAL_RDN in back-ldnm/Makefile to compile.
> >
> >It worked in simple cases, I didn't do an exaustive check.
> >All the modrdn stuff seems to be somewhat fragile, because
> >changes are made and tested step by step and there's no rollback 
> >mechanism.
> >
> >If it works fine, I can apply the same changes to back-bdb.
> >
> >PS: Note that this breaks slapd/tools because they cannot resolve
> >the slap_mods_free() function; it should be moved to some library.
> >Kurt, what fix do you suggest?
> Likely the best thing to do is to move the functions
> into a separate file mods.c and then add the mods.o to
> SLAPD_OBJS in tools/Makefile.in.
> Try your best to avoid avoiding sucking in unnecessary
> pieces into the tools...

In some sense, the point is that slapd's tools don't need ldbm_back_modrdn; 
maybe we'd try to put only a subset of what presently goes in
libbackends.a into the tools. The slap_mods_free() should be a very 
"basic" slapd utility.

In this case I can even duplicate the code of this function in 
back-ldbm/modrdn.c, it's 5 or 6 lines. I'll see what I can do best.

Cheers, Ando.