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Re: About to commit removal of global_backendsync code and have onemore enhancement

On Fri, Jun 29, 2001 at 12:29:01AM -0500, Randy Kunkee wrote:

> Yes, execv to be precise, but you have the idea.  The advantage is absolute
> minimum down time in this circumstance.  If a script does it, it has to look
> to see if the process is still running by sending kill -0 to the pid.  It
> might be more proper to not run slapd in daemon mode so that one could just
> wait on the child process, but I'm not willing to give up daemon mode, and
> yet high availability is of the essence.

Relying on fast restart to provide high availability is a bad idea I think. If
you want HA, use replicas and multimaster mode. HA means to me that you can
shut down one slapd instance, reindex the database (this takes _much_ longer
than a restart), and bring it back without clients noticing anything.

Complicating slapd just for half a second gain per restart does not worth it.


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