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Sql Bakcend problems :(

Hi LDAP Developers,
I am once again stuck with LDAP and PSQL as a backend.
Erik Hofman wrote in Contrib/961 that LDAP needs to be patched.
<include piece from erik>
>--- openldap-2.0.7.orig/configure.in    Mon Oct 30 18:46:17 2000
>+++ openldap-2.0.7/configure.in Thu Dec 21 18:38:36 2000
>@@ -1741,6 +1741,11 @@
>                AC_CHECK_LIB(odbc,SQLDriverConnect,[have_odbc=yes],[have_odbc=no])
>                if test $have_odbc = yes ; then
>                        ol_link_sql="-lodbc"
>+               else
>+                       if test $have_odbcpsql = yes ; then
>+                               ol_link_sql="-lodbcpsql"
>+                       fi
>                fi
>        fi
My knowledge of C isn’t much. I copied that file into my LDAP Install dir, under configure.in, and tried to re-configure my LDAP installation. I get a “msg: configure: error : can not find install-sh or install.sh in build  ./build”
Is there anyone out there that can tell me how to solve this problem to get SQL backend going on my LDAP 2.0.11 Server ?
Question 2, is a slurp question ( I don’t know if this is the correct place to post this to , but here goes):
Say I have a LDAP Master Tree in my HQ and that tree contains Data for Sales , Clients , Marketing. Will it be possible to use slurp to replicate only “sub-tree’s” of the master tree to the slaves ? Say that in a scenario where I got my data on the master divided into   “ou=marketing,o=org”, “ou=sales,o=org” , “ou=clients,o=org” , that the marketing LDAP slave will only replicate the date beneath “ou=marketing,o=org” ?? and none of the sales data to “ou=marketing,o=org” slave ?
Am I clear enough on this ?
Please, any input will be valuable.
Many Regards
Calvin la Cock