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Re: What backend ships with OpenLDAP as default?

At 05:24 PM 6/14/2001, jrusoff@apple.com wrote:
>I've downloaded and built and tested the latest OpenLDAP package. I'm wondering what, if any, backend is part of the package that I downloaded from the OpenLDAP site?

2.0 ships with the following backends:
back-dnssrv back-ldap back-ldbm back-passwd back-shell back-sql

HEAD comes with additional backends.

Most every one has depencencies on other software.  back-ldbm,
the primary backend, requires a compatible DBM such as BerkeleyDB
or GDBM (see README) be provided.

>Are the tests merely creating records in memory?

The tests use back-ldbm.  back-ldbm stores records in
whatever compatible DBM was provided.

>I couldn't find this in the faq.

There are a number of questions regarding LDBM and compatible

>I'm working on adding in the Berkeley DB, and I'm wondering what DID I test earlier?

See portable.h.