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OpenLDAP sync code

Mark Whitehouse has taken my old periodic sync patch and implemented it
for 2.0.7, and we are currently working to get it working for 2.0
Engineering (and eventually the head development branch).  In this work,
he has also corrected the fact that dbcachesize does not work correctly
with Berkeley DB.  He is also working on code to make use of
transactions in Berkeley/Sleepycat DB.

I have several questions I want to ask about how to proceed.

1. Is there any objection to adding the periodic sync feature to the
code base?  The new version is enabled via the config file.

2. I understand that patches want to be kept separate.  However, in this
case, since they are related, is there any objection to submitting the
sync patch together with the fix for calling set_cachesize?

3. The patch is somewhat complicated with getting all the #if
DB_VERSION_MAJOR tests etc. working correctly and testing with earlier
versions of Berkeley DB.  In my ideal world, I'd prefer to copy the
back-ldbm work into a new directory, ie. back-bdb3, rip out all of the
#ifdef's for < version 3, and march on from there.  I've heard of work
before on a bdb3 version, perhaps intending to write it from scratch.
Would we be duplicating work by doing this?  Is there any objection to
using the "back-bdb3" subdirectory off of servers?  I've been away from
the project for a while so forgive me if this has been discussed in the
mailing lists.

Randy Kunkee