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Re: where are the logs getting stored

The slapd process writes output to STDERR when you give it the debugging
switch -d <level>.  For example, "slapd -d 256"  will show what requests
were being made to the server.  You can then redirect the output to any
log file you'd like

	csh>  slapd -d 256 >&  /usr/openldap/logs/slapd &

Also, note that this list is for discussion of developmental issues.
Software use questions should go to the "software" mailing list.

  Mark Adamson
  Carnegie Mellon

> Hi all,
>                Here we have been working on openldap version 2.0.11 .. I have
> been facing a basic problem in the sense that whenever there is an error of any
> kind happening the logs must be getting generated ...
> I have  not been able to track the path where i can go and view the logs .. can
> anyone please tell me as to how i can view the error logs in openldap ..