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RE: Meta directory?

I've been tied up on other matters. I'm still interested in what you come up with, but don't have much time to help develop it myself.

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> Subject: Meta directory?
> Howard / Mark,
> I'm finally working on back-ldap to make it point to a pool
> of servers. This will implement a sort of meta-directory, I mean
> a proxy with a unique naming context that dynamically links
> together different servers that represent the "branches" of the
> directory in a transparent manner for the user. We need something
> like this as soon as possible, and we also need all the features 
> that Mark is adding to the devel code and the rewrite stuff I 
> posted some time ago. I'd like to know what's the current state
> of the backend (is anyone developing it at present?) I see that
> none of the recent changes (I mean suffix massage and attribute
> mapping) will make it into 2.0.8. Any plans? And finally, is 
> anyone interested in the project? I'm pretty sure I'll get
> permission from my company to submit the changes as soon as I get
> it to work; but I'd like to hear suggestions, comments, critics
> and so BEFORE I get my hands too deep into the code.
> At present I'm experimenting, and at the same time I'm writing
> some scenarios to point out all the features this meta directory
> should have.
> Regards, Pierangelo.