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Re: Embedded LDAP server

At 09:07 AM 4/13/01 -0700, Paek, Jeanette wrote:
>> We are looking into porting an LDAP server onto an embedded platform and
>> obviously the footprint requirement is something we have to consider.
>> What would be the smallest footprint an LDAP server can be configured to
>> run the basic operations?

I assume by footprint of an LDAP server you mean the minimal
amount of resources which the software requires during operation.
While OpenLDAP can certainly be configured to use relatively
small amount of resources, it's actually designed to use a
relatively large amount of resources.  In particular, its designed
to take advantage of large amounts of RAM... as in 100s to 1000s
of MB of RAM.

However, it is quite possible to configure OpenLDAP to use relatively
little RAM (10s of MBs), maybe even less if you were not using a
general purpose backend.  Getting down to very little RAM (1s of MBs)
would likely require significant development.

I do think it possible to use OpenLDAP code as a basis for an
application specific LDAP server for small embedded devices, but
this would require customization specific to the application.

>Is there anyway to configure the server so that
>> we can selectively disable/enable the features depending on the space
>> requirement?

I suggest you look through the archives of the OpenLDAP-software
mailing list.  Such "tuning" questions often come up there (as that
is the appropriate forum for software use questions).  If you cannot
find a answer there, then I suggest posting "tuning" questions to
that list.

I apologize for possibly misdirecting you initially when you
contacted me.  It appears that I may have misunderstood the
nature of your enquiry at first glance.