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back-sql improvements (was: Slapd frontend performance issues)

Hello Tomas!

As this thread eventually spinned down to back-sql, I thought it would be
reasonable to rename it...
I think two separate threads are appropriate - one about back-sql - specific
issues, and another - about slapd frontend profiling.

Also, if you have no objections - let us transfer posts that have more than one
recipient to the list.
As I understand, it is what Kurt suggested - use -devel list for development.
Kurt, if you think that too much back-sql specifics is bad for this list - I
could arrange a temporal list for this, and post only results to

"Arredondo, Tomas" wrote:

> I think that in an optimal environment it should exceed 100 reads/second.

did you test the "packaged" back-sql, or you made some optimizations? what was
the data you tested on?

> There are two pieces to the code that I could help with.  One is a set of
> routines that can make db calls to read and write data using connections.
> The other is a set of connection related classes that can manage connection
> handles from
> OCI and other formats such as ODBC concurrently.
> These connection classes are things we can call 'dbo', 'sets' and
> 'connections'.

[description skipped]

as I undestand, it could be used
1) to use direct APIs (lightweight wrapper)
2) to "aggregate" data from different RDBMSes in single slapd

Am I right? It is very interesting, anyway - as soon as we manage to summarize
what each of the contributers can offer, we can develop a little "plan" of
incorporating new code in appropriate order...

WBW, Dmitry