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Re: Help please : Error codes and Disconnection

This list is for discussing the development of OpenLDAP, not
using the software (including the APIs).  For this, we have
the software list.  Please direct such questions there.


At 03:43 PM 4/5/01 +0200, CHAPLAIS Virginie - REN wrote:
>Hello the list,
>first I want to apologise if my question seems irrelevant to you or has already been asked. I'm a newby with LDAP and OpenLDAP. I've tried to read as much RFC and drafts on the subject but there is something that is still not completely clear to me : 
>    what are exactly the error codes which mean it is necessary (or wiser) to reconnect to the LDAP server ?
>I am developping (with the OpenLDAP C API) a client process which connects to a LDAP server when it starts, and stays connected till an operator stop. This choice was made for performance reasons to have requests treated faster. So I need to know when I'm disconnected (or when the connection is no more reliable and opening a new one would be safer) in order to connect again to the server and to treat further requests. Since my client is only treating one request at once, I intend to use synchronous calls.
>Any help or opinion on this subject will be welcome.