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LDAP Error 80 - sasl.c


I sent a previous message with the same subject to the list because
I believed the error I was getting (unable to get user's secret) was
caused by a problem on the source code of one .c file used by ldapsearch.

After debugging the source codes I could isolate the error, it happens on
the sasl.c file, around line 110:

if( mechanism == LDAP_SASL_SIMPLE ) {

} else if () {

} else {
	/* SASL bind w/ creditials */
	rc = ber_printf( ber, "{it{ist{sON}N}" /*}*/,
	++ld->ld_msgid, LDAP_REQ_BIND,
	ld->ld_version, dn, LDAP_AUTH_SASL,
	mechanism, cred ); 		/* ******** I'm getting -1 here ! ******** */

if( rc == -1 ) {
	ld->ld_errno = LDAP_ENCODING_ERROR;
      ber_free( ber, 1 );
      return( -1 ); 			/* ******** ldapsearch is aborting here ! ******** */

I have the sasl sample client / server working with DIGEST-MD5 (with
/etc/sasldb) but I'm
not being able to make it work with ldapsearch. I'm stuck on this for days
without progress
and I'm aiming to get this working to update the linuxdoc LDAP-HOWTO.

I'd appreciate any help or support, thanks is advance,
Luiz Malère.