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Re: OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2 -> 2.0.8

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:

> I believe the current state of OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2 is
> ready for release as 2.0.8 but haven't had time to
> do any significant testing.  Due to the time lapse
> since our last patch, I ask for folks to test
> OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2 over the next few days and provide
> feedback (good or bad) so that we can make a call
> on when to release 2.0.8.
> Please test!!!

Everything works fine for me (RedHat 6.2 with sleepycat 3.1)
Didn't try with cyrus sasl, kerberos and more, although I never
had compile problems when testing HEAD stuff.

On another note, I'd expect some of the new stuff in back-ldap
to appear sooner or later in a release (suffix massaging, attribute
renaming and so). I'm going to use it in production environment,
so I'd prefer to see it released, if possible.

Regards, Pierangelo.

Dr. Pierangelo Masarati               | voice: +39 02 2399 8365
Dip. Ing. Aerospaziale                | fax:   +39 02 2399 8334
Politecnico di Milano                 | mailto:masarati@aero.polimi.it
via La Masa 34, 20156 Milano, Italy   | http://www.aero.polimi.it/~masarati