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where is syslog called?

Sorry for trashing this list 
but nobody answered my post to opeldap-software 
"cannot find log messages".
The problem is I cannot see logs on Solaris 8.
Guessing from source greps,
the syslog function is always called from macro
Statslog defined in servers/slapd/slap.h,
am I right?
I started slapd under GDB
and ordered breakpoint Statslog.
But it reported no such function.
It looks as if the macro was not seen,
that is, condition defined(LDAP_SYSLOG) && defined (LDAP_DEBUG)
was not met.
But the configure script was run with 
only one option --prefix=/usr/local/ldap.
Earlier I manually set CFLAGS to -g.

Please give me some help how to enable logs.