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Re: ldap_pvt_mutexes

At 05:42 PM 3/1/01 +0100, torsten.foertsch@gmx.net wrote:
>one short question:
>Are the ldap_pvt_mutexes recursive ones, i.e. must I call
>ldap_pvt_mutex_unlock( &mutex ) 3 times if I've previously called
>ldap_pvt_mutex_lock( &mutex ) 3 times or is it sufficient to call
>ldap_pvt_mutex_unlock( &mutex ) once?

>Is it somehow defined or depends on the underlying thread package?

Actually, it's defined by the subset of common semantics of the
possible underlying thread packages.  You cannot assume a thread
can lock a mutex which it previously has locked (even though
some underlying libraries might provide "recursive" mutexes).