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Re: Too many open files

The slapd server here at CMU has been getting into a nasty spin because of
too many open file descriptors as well. It started last week (while I was
on vacation, of course :) when someone tried a new client that was making
a lot of connections to the server. 

I was thinking of putting a check into the slapd_daemon_task() function
that would notice when a lot of EMFILE errors occur from accept(). If a
lot of these errors start to pile up, pause between calls to accept() to
decrease the CPU time spent on accept() failing, thus giving the active
threads more time to service their connections and close their file
descriptors. I'm thinking of using a select() call with NULL fd_set's and
a non-null timeval, instead of a sleep() call, to increase the granularity
of the delay and decrease mucking with SIGALARM.

This will be a very experimental work (Kurt is probably pulling his hair
out reading this) but since there happens to be a thread on this same
topic as I'm looking into it, I thought I'd mention it too.

  -Mark Adamson
   Carnegie Mellon