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Re: NT Domain backend

I've found in the archives mention of an NT domain backend. I'd like to know
more on it, if it is a project someone is working at, and, in case, its
current status. I've been asked to consider the integration of OpenLDAP
services in a w2k environment, and I'd be interested in keeping the server
side on unix while ensuring complete services to the windows machines.

I do have a mostly finished NT domain backend, but it only runs on Windows NT. I haven't touched it in quite some time.

For W2K, you probably just want to use the ldap backend, especially if the server is going to be running on unix. The mapping rules I mentioned a few weeks ago were developed so that it would be easier to integrate Active Directory into OpenLDAP. I have one more thing to do on the mapping rules code, and then I'll be committing the changes.