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Re: backend suffix ordering

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

> Norbert Klasen wrote:
> > Hi,
> > how is the matching backend to a query of a particular dn determined?
> > I want to have naming context of "dc=de" and "c=de". But this only works
> > if "dc=de" appers before "c=de" in slapd.conf. Otherwise queries for
> > "dc=de" are looked up in the wrong database.
> suffixes are searched linearly; the search is linear among the backends
> and, for
> each backend, among the multiple suffixes a backend may accept.
> The last N bytes of your base (after normalization) are compared to each
> suffix;
> N is the length of the suffix the base is being compared to.
> There should also be a check on the position the base is being cut, which
> should
> be a dn delimiter.

BTW, I noticed that in the select_backend routine,
in servers/slapd/backend.c, the check disappeared
(the routine/macro DN_SEPARATOR),  possibly
when the manageDSAit stuff was added.
Are there plans to restore it or what?

> In your case, a base "...dc=de", when compared to a
> suffix
> "c=de", of course results in a match, so you're urged to put "dc=de" BEFORE
> "c=de" in the suffix order.


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