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dn rewriting (was: do_modify & referral)

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:

> The current implementation requires that listed LDAP URLs be directly
> subordinate as there is no LDAP URL DN rewriting code (yet).
> For a detailed explanation of how DN rewriting *should* work (IMO), see
>   draft-zeilenga-ldap-namedref-xx.txt

>From the copy of 'draft-zeilenga-ldap-namedref-xx.txt'
in the head branch of the cvs tree (

> This draft expires 4 Jan. 2001.

what's the current status? Moreover, it seems to me that
there's very little 'rewriting' in there; it sounds more about
referral selection policy. I thought some true dn rewriting
capability was being discussed. Can you tell me anything
about it, or give me some pointers, at least?


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