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Re: do_modify & referral

At 04:09 PM 2/13/01 -0800, Mei-Hui Su wrote:
> I am using latest openldap from cvs repository, solaris 5.7
>and SASL+GSSAPI for authentication. I am testing the referrals,
>ldapsearch and ldapmodify with -C and -M flags. 
> I have an entry with referral line like this in the first server,
>dn: hn=hammie.isi.edu, o=Grid
>blah blah
>ref: ldap://hammie.isi.edu:5001/hn=hammie.isi.edu,o=Globus,c=US

The current implementation requires that listed LDAP URLs be directly
subordinate as there is no LDAP URL DN rewriting code (yet).

For a detailed explanation of how DN rewriting *should* work (IMO), see