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test 3 failing

I just did a cvs update and recompiled.  Test 3 now
core dumps with the following backtrace.

#0  0x45f48 in ucdecomp (code=74, num=0xffbee1f4, decomp=0xffbee1f0) at ucdata.c:752
#1  0x460c0 in uccanondecomp (in=0xeeb40, inlen=6, out=0xffbee284, outlen=0xffbee280) at ucdata.c:794
#2  0x47158 in UTF8normcmp (s1=0x15fc40 "Jensen", s2=0x10fdc0 "jensen", casefold=1 '\001') at ucstr.c:250
#3  0x2b3e8 in caseIgnoreMatch (matchp=0xffbee3ec, flags=0, syntax=0xe8110, mr=0xe9480, value=0x15fc70, assertedValue=0xee040)
    at schema_init.c:1613
#4  0x2188c in value_match (match=0xffbee3ec, ad=0x15e5e8, mr=0xe9480, flags=0, v1=0x15f9d0, v2=0xee040, text=0xffbee3e8)
    at value.c:149
#5  0x22bec in test_ava_filter (be=0xffbee3ec, conn=0x15e5e8, op=0xe9480, e=0xffbee3e8, ava=0xee060, type=163) at filterentry.c:275
#6  0x229dc in test_filter (be=0x10f7b0, conn=0x1576cc, op=0xef100, e=0xeeae0, f=0xedc00) at filterentry.c:138
#7  0x353a0 in ldbm_back_search (be=0x10f7b0, conn=0x1576cc, op=0xef100, base=0x0, nbase=0xeeae0 "", scope=2, deref=0, slimit=0, 
    tlimit=0, filter=0xedc00, filterstr=0xedc30 "(sn=jensen)", attrs=0x0, attrsonly=0) at search.c:302
#8  0x16cc0 in do_search (conn=0x1576cc, op=0xef100) at search.c:318
#9  0x15bcc in connection_operation (arg_v=0xee090) at connection.c:883
#10 0x47f88 in ldap_pvt_thread_pool_submit (pool=0xe6100, start_routine=0x1599c <connection_operation>, arg=0xee090)
    at thr_stub.c:159
#11 0x16398 in connection_op_activate (conn=0x1576cc, op=0xef100) at connection.c:1366
#12 0x160e8 in connection_input (conn=0x1576cc) at connection.c:1240
#13 0x15e20 in connection_read (s=9) at connection.c:1102
#14 0x141d0 in slapd_daemon_task (ptr=0xffbee8a0) at daemon.c:1530
#15 0x47ed4 in ldap_pvt_thread_create (thread=0xffbef304, detach=0, start_routine=0x13624 <slapd_daemon_task>, arg=0x0)
    at thr_stub.c:48
#16 0x14354 in slapd_daemon () at daemon.c:1622
#17 0x12588 in main (argc=7, argv=0xffbef3ec) at main.c:477

Gary D. Williams